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Hard road to get to the USA

“We are from Ukraine. But it was a long way to get to Kyiv. I lived in Donetsk, then Slovyansk, Kharkiv, and then Kyiv. When everything started, on 24th of February.. we heard explosions, since we lived near the airport, everyone understood everything and quickly began to pack.. we decided to wait 24h to see how the situation will go… and at 3 o’clock in the morning we heard the explosion again, after my kid began to shake in hysterics, we decided to leave. We didn’t even know where we were going. We srayed with friends in Zakarpattia Oblast for a week, then in Chernivtsi with other friends, as every day it was getting worse, my husband decided to send my daughter and I to Germany (our friends were going there by car and took us with them) … we left, my husband stayed in Chernivtsi in Ukraine … in Germany, my daughter and I lived in a camp for refugees, then a German family hosted us … so a little more than a month passed like this… after we found out that we America opened its border is giving a humanitarian parole. Since we are a religious family, we started to pray. At that time, my husband’s doctor said that it was necessary to do a medical examination, my husband went to a hospital, and after passing through all the doctors (he has an illness) … they issued a certificate stating that he was released from military service. He called and said that we’ll be going to the USA. While we were living in Europe, we were panicking because it’s so close to Ukraine. All Europeans are also reconsidering that all of this can go to them. We bought tickets and here we are. I don’t know what will happen next. To be honest, I cry every day, but I don’t see another outcome yet, other than starting a new life from scratch for our kid…

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