Free education for Ukrainians

by Yanina Makoviy partnered with Art of Learning to give Ukrainians an opportunity of free education.

These past months were tough for Ukrainians, the war took their homes, forced a lot of people to leave the country. Russian missiles destroyed hundreds of educational institutions.

What does Art of Learning in partnering with Slavic Refugees & Immigrants Service Organization offer?

The program will connect a child with a high school tutor specializing in that subject, and a representer of Art of Learning will communicate with the student’s parents to arrange weekly meetings and track their progress. By tutoring via an online platform, we offer flexibility for both the tutor and the student’s schedule. We use ZOOM in order to connect with students online.

Tutors of Art of Learning will develop a personalized curriculum tailored to your child’s specific needs and help them understand concepts they have trouble with in order to help them build a solid foundation in their education and accelerate their learning. Each and every tutor has a 4.0+ GPA and is at the top of their class, going through an interview process simply to gain this role. Your student receiving the highest quality education is our top priority. For more information, check out the website:

This summer, we will also be offering a free Beginners and Intermediate Computer Science class where students will get the opportunity to learn programming logic and develop problem-solving skills using Scratch visual programming language (Beginners), or Python (Intermediate). This will be a great opportunity for your kid to get ahead in learning an essential skill that drives our tech-driven world.

 If you are interested in the tutoring program, or have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at or .

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