Ukrainian family suffers

by Yanina Makoviy

Tatyana Khomiak is a wife and a mother of three. Three months ago she, her husband, and their 3 kids tried to cross the border to the USA. Tatyana and the kids got to the USA although her husband got taken but the officers and has been captured in a detention center for all these 3 months.

Tatyana lived in Seattle for all this time. Now she’s back to California. They are going through very tough time right now. She’s alone with 3 small kids and no money or connections.

Slavic Refugees & Immigrants Service Organization booked them a hotel for a week.

We need more people to talk about this and share so the Ukrainian family will be able to reconnect and happily go back to Settle and try to settle their life after they already been through hell called WAR in UKRAINE.

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