Americans provide a safe place for young Ukrainians who escaped the war 

by Yanina Makoviy

Nastya is 18 years old girl who escaped the war in Ukraine. As we all know Russia invaded Ukraine on 24th of February and Ukrainians have been fighting for their freedom for more than 6 months now. 

Almost 10 million Ukrainians left their homeland. 

And almost 100,000 came to the USA. 

Ukrainians lost everything back home: their houses, clothes, savings and left without anything but with a lot of stress.

Americans stepped up. They helped. They helped a lot. And they keep helping.

Robin and Krystsina, the founder of met at a church.

“ It was a fate. I was looking for someone to help and the very next day Kristsina showed up at the church” – says Robin.

Yuliia was looking for a safe place to stay in the USA, because let’s be real, it could be scary for young girls to look for a place to stay and Robin was kind to provide the safe place.

“I’ve been just me for a little bit so it was a little bit out of my comfort zone. But I’m excited and a little bit nervous but that’s okay” – Robin says about taking a Ukrainian young girl home.

Ukrainians are still in need of accommodation, food, furniture. And since step by step they’re receiving work authorizations with job opportunities.

If there is anything you can help Ukrainians with, please contact us