is a new organization founded by Krystsina Shchelkunova in March 2022 in response to the current crisis. Prior to the current war, Krystsina was the Commerical Director of “Gorozhanka Magazine”, a Russian language health and beauty magazine. In this role, through her immediate and extended family, and as an alumni of Belarusian State Economic University Krystsina have strong connections with Ukrainians and members of other Slavic communities both in the United States and the Ukraine.

In the past few weeks, with no funding and an entirely volunteer workforce, has provided food, clothing, and navigation support to more than 100 families; coordinated temporary hotel accommodation to nine families: and recruited 10 temporary host homes in San Diego, Sacramento, New York, and Los Angeles.

We have established connections with several organizations in San Diego who are assisting us build capacity as well as to coordinate in meeting the needs of families: San Diego Refugee Communities Coalition, Calvary Church of San Diego, University of San Diego Nonprofit Institute, Hope for San Diego, Slavik Evangelical Christian Baptist Church of San Diego, San Diego Unified School District, and Family Health Centers of San Diego. We plan to expand upon these connections in the coming months. Nationally and internationally, we are already working with the Hello Neighbor’s Network (National), Homes Not Borders (Washington DC), New Neighbors Partnership (New York), Orange County Jewish Coalition for Refugees (California), LoveDoes (National), and the Coordinating Council for Refugees.

Volodymyr Shchelkunov is her husband. He is from Ukraine and whole family stayed in Ukraine. When the War began, he wants to participate in the outreach support and be involved. They started helping refugees in the border and it’s been a mission for them to make life for Ukrainians easier and better.

Together we can change things.